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Stag Night Badges

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Well, these are stag night badges and everyone has the right to boast. You could try impressing the ladies by wearing one of these badges and announcing the kind of guy you’d like them to think you are, but the voyage of discovery is always a risky one.

I mean what can a dame make of a guy who wears a badge called Well Hung? Shouldn’t she demand proof before going any further? We know that wicked women like nothing better than to puncture the male ego, so well hung might in fact end up attracting some mischievous comments instead of gasps of incredulity. So you can call yourself a stallion, a bull, a stud, Mr Smooth or Jack the Lad. Be prepared for some skepticism and some good natured ribbing. I mean nobody in the world as yet has won over a girl by announcing he is a stallion. So these badges are like symbols of naughtiness rather than of sexual attributes.

Impress the ladies with your sense of humour rather than your faux audacity. Let the badges announce the quality of your intelligence. It’s a game that adults play and let the badges be toys you can play around with! Let everyone know what your intentions are on a stag night or a boys night out in town.


  • Stag Night Badges

  • Pack of 6

  • Size of Badge – 6.5 cm

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Stag Night Badges

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