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Official Divergent Movie iPhone 5 Cover

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Does everyone have a future, or will we all be dead as dodos or stripped of our individual autonomy, sorted out according to our personalities that will be determined through an aptitude test and then strengthened through a process of training? Do you want to be Dauntless, Erudite, Abnegation or Candor? Or do you want to be the ultimate misfit, a Divergent, who can belong to no faction or to any faction?
Beatrice Prior, bka Tris, is the ultimate Divergent but has been asked by Tori to keep this a secret for her own personal safety. Tris is subjected to some of the most horrifying simulations during her initiation into the Dauntless faction. She is made to stand in front of a target while Tobias “Four” Eaton throws knives at it.
These are iPhone 5 cases from the movie Divergent and feature Tobias “Four” Eaton, the mysterious instructor from Dauntless who is in charge of initiation and "Tris" with her Tattoos.
This iPhone case mimics the toughness of the Dauntless initiates. It’s a snap-on hard case with a Matte finish and provides access to all iPhone features. What’s more, it maintains the iPhone’s slim profile. Both tough and attractively designed it will accompany you as you navigate through your environment, hostile or friendly, with the skill and intrepidity of a Divergent!
Divergent iPhone 5 Cover
Snap on hard case
Provides access to all functionality
Maintains slim profile
Available in two designs -
"Four Training" and "Tris Textured Tattoos"

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Official Divergent Movie iPhone 5 Cover

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