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Joke Sachets

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Remember all those pranks that you played in your youth and that seem to be almost missing these days? Y’know, for instance, the one where the young lady sits on a chair and then can’t seem to get off it? Or the man who believes that his car has been scratched and he can’t find the culprit? Or the soap that instead of cleaning you makes you even more dirty than you were when you started using it? We’ve got six such pranks for you, not only to bring back the memory of bygone days but also to inspire some good natured fun. We’ve packed them in six different sachets for you, each containing a different prank. Just let the itching powder loose on an unsuspecting public and then just sit back and watch the fun! We are delighted to be able to bring these fondly remembered favourites back into the shops.


  • Six sachets each containing a prank

  • All old time favourites

  • Sachets stand 11.5 cm tall

  • Choose your prank or collect them all

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Joke Sachets

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