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Instant Regret Chilli Chocolate

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Calling all the chocolate obsessed individuals out there, don't be shy we know there's a lot of you! While we are at it, why don't the Chilli-obsessed people step forward to join the party! Now, I bet you are all wondering why we have gathered you all here today, the answer is simple - Instant regret Chilli Chocolate. This fabulous creation will have your insides tickling with extreme hotness. The chocolate skin betrays you, as what's under the surface is not the smooth chocolatey chocolate you are used to.

This chocolate is so much more powerful than what you are used to, you see we extracted the capsaicin (the extremely hot bit) from the hottest Chillies that were available, and got our witches brew and mixed it with chocolate. Creating the hottest substance (we think) on Earth! It will feel as though you have a thousand planets exploding on your tongue like the sun itself has set up a tent inside your mouth.

So if you think you can handle this explosion of insane hotness, if you think your tongue is brave enough to swallow this concoction of chocolate and fire, then prove it and take a bite. But as soon as this outrageous creation touches your tongue, you WILL regret it!

WARNINGS: Since this Chilli Chocolate is extremely hot, there are a lot of warnings, so bear with us:
Warning 1 - This chocolate contains large quantities of Chilli, so should not be given to children, pets or the elderly
Warning 2 - Under no circumstances should you put this in direct contact with your eyes or downstairs bits - wash your hands after handling before touching either
Warning 3 - Do NOT eat more than a single piece until you know your own tolerance
Warning 4 - Do NOT give to people who do not know what they are eating
Warning 5 - Make sure you've stocked up on milk, yogurt, and other substances that will cool your tongue after its hot ordeal
Warning 6 - Avoid consuming when you are driving or operating heavy or light machinery
Warning 7 - DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES consume if you have a history of heart problems

7 Warnings, not that bad, least there's not 8


  • Delicious milk chocolate, with somewhat of a kick 
  • Manufactured using 6.4 million Scoville Chilli extract 
  • Cocoa butter, Sugar, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, emulsifier (soya lecithin), 6.4 million SHU Chilli extract and flavoring (natural vanilla) 
  • Approximate weight: 100g
  • Great as a gift for anyone who thinks they can handle the spice
  • Can you handle the heat?
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Instant Regret Chilli Chocolate

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