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Aqua Dragon Refills

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This must be one of the most fascinating gifts that you can give to a child. The scientific name for Aqua Dragons is Artemia Salinas. We supply you with the eggs and you hatch them by just filling the aquarium also supplied by us with water and then releasing them. The eggs will hatch within 2 to 3 days, but you will actually get to see them only after 5 to 7 days. They look like tiny, three-eyed, long-haired hairy looking dragons. They are crustaceans that are found in the sea and in salt water lakes and have been around on Earth since the Dinosaurs walked our jungles. Their eggs are cryptobiotic which means they can dry out and stay dormant for several years until they are put out to hatch in the water.


Refills allows your child to hatch his eggs and grow his dragons in a container of his choice – an empty jam jar, a goldfish bowl or a tub, anything will do as long as it contains clean water. The refill pack comes with preserved eggs, food, pipette, feeding spoon and full instructions.


You also have to sign a responsible ownership certificate and learn about the life cycle and anatomy of these creatures. Your child will have the satisfaction of nurturing his own pets and will remain engrossed for hours watching them swm and play.





    • Aqua Dragons Refill Pack


    • Can be used with a jam jar or goldfish bowl


    • Pack contains preserved eggs, food, pipette, feeding spoon


    • Comes with full instructions


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Aqua Dragon Refills

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