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In the world of toys, especially those for kids, there is nothing quite like Crazy Aaron’s Putty World, a wild and wacky selection of toys not just for children but also for office workers the world over who like a bit of science in their toys.The 1998 brainchild of “Crazy Aaron,” a then website designer, Thinking Putty started out as a purchase of 45 kilograms of bouncing putty and an experiment in workplace stress relief. What Aaron happily discovered was that in addition to relieving stress, Thinking Putty also fuelled the creative process. As (genius) Aaron said, “As it melted their stress away, (their) creative potential was unleashed!”

From Putty world, the products come in all shapes (you think of a shape… you can make it) and allow kids to do educational experiments and cool tricks, play games with it, use it as a stress reliever and pretty much try anything: crack it, shatter it, crackle it, shape it, bend it, drip it, stick it, bounce it, roll it, and break it into pieces. There is magnetic putty for children’s science experiments of just for surprising someone at work who doesn’t believe in the magic of Thinking Putty.

We're a proud supplier of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty straight from Puttyworld… one of the leading kids (and big kids) educational, oh-so-funny and stress relieving toys in the world! Come and Visit Puttyworld here at the Gift Oasis and see which putty suits you!

Showing 1-2 of 2 records.

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