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We have been raving about TASSEN recently, especially since we first introduced their line of products here at The Gift Oasis, and after getting more compliments on the bowls than on the biscuits, we wondered what sort of madness led a company that specialised in 3-D computer animations to go into the business of creating amusing porcelain tableware?

It all started in 2006 in Frankfurt,  when FIFTYEIGHT 3D GmbH sent out a 3-D animation of charming talking crockery as a holiday greeting to its clients who rapidly forwarded the animations to friends via email. Of course in 2006 they had no Facebook, so this was a pretty tremendous response from a world where people were not quite yet able to “Like” and “Share” at the click of a mouse.

Well that got them to thinking, and since they could obtain stereo-lithography based on the 3-D data from the animations, they knew they could produce a resin mould that would allow them to mass produce the little darlings. By 2007, FIFTYEIGHT, with the help of the Hannes Wolf Company in Weiden, Germany, produced a first run of TASSEN bowls.

Jump ahead six more years to 2013 and TASSEN is introduced to the UK for the first time at the Spring Fair in Birmingham. In fact, we saw them there just a few weeks ago with an expanded product line. We really have been in love with these expressive pieces since the first time we first saw them with their adorable expressions that convey so much, well, attitude.

In fact, according to FIFTYEIGHT, that’s what the TASSEN project is all about: “Conveying the kind of emotions we encounter in our daily lives all the time.”

We are immensely proud to carry TASSEN products, from their large and small bowls and egg cups to their espresso and coffee cups and tea pot that grins happily at you. Check our online catalog for all the TASSEN products we carry at The Gift Oasis.  

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