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There are a few household products that come along once in a while that really catch your eye in terms of avant garde design, ease of use and sheer beauty. You can just look at Phillippe Starck’s eponymous lemon squeezer and you probably know what we mean. But the thing is that good design and beauty in your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and that’s where Hoobbe comes in.

We are proud, here at The Gift Oasis, to say that this is the new home of Hoobbe, those quirky design geeks who have managed to break the mould when it comes to household good designs. No cheap plastic buckets and sponges here – instead Hoobbe’s products shine with thought, humour and just a bit of colour to invigorate any home. 

Their name comes from their favourite saying: “we merge creative design with our Hobby, a new and creative objective of making products in terms of aesthetics, functions, fun and enjoyment.” One only has to look at their products to see: from the truly innovative and aesthetically creative “Bee Home Honey Dripper” that combines the hexagonal shape of the honeycomb into a honey dripper that oozes charm and is just so out of the ordinary, to their “Banana Pop Ice Lolly Mould” – the list is endless but they all have one thing in common: they look cool in any house or kitchen. 

We think that one thing is for sure when buying any Hoobbe product: there is a quality and creative ethic that is ingrained in the Hoobbe design and work ethic and we are proud to be Hoobbe’s home in the UK and beyond.

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