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“Fred & Friends” sounded more like an American cartoon than a design company to us, so we wondered if the fact that they are based in Rhode Island, the same state as the Griffins (the “family” in the animated American television show “Family Guy”) was a factor in Fred’s designs. We discovered that while Fred and Friends works with some of the best designers around the world, “Family Guy” is just fiction. And the designers as well as everyone else involved in the creation of zany and wonderful gifts, are the “Friends” of Fred & Friends. The “Fred” part, of course, is Fred Roses, who started his company "because my mom always told me that Freds were friendly, fun, and helpful around the house,” and those qualities are what his products stand for.

We took a look at their Spring 2015 line recently and were delighted to find that their latest offerings live up to the company mission. Consider a square egg cup that resembles a porcelain brick wall, called the “Humpty,” or a hilarious beechwood cutting board that has an edge that resembles a cookbook with the title “Romeo and Julienne” (oh how we love the puns!). There is also a “Chill Baby” pacifier that looks like a zipper pull, (along with one that is printed with “This Sucks” on the front), and an immediate favourite of ours: cat wine glass markers! Because who doesn’t love to have pussy curled round the stem of their wineglass?

Fred and Friends states that their designs are “fresh and unexpected, something funny, something personal, something useful, but they’re also social expressions – they say a lot about you as well as about us.”

Their works should echo the statement:  “I am the curator of my own life.”

They also echo the notion that you don’t take life entirely seriously, which is why we are happy and proud to carry items by Fred&Friends here at The Gift Oasis. Stop on by our store to see all the Fred & Friends we carry!

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Showing 1-30 of 30 records.

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