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“The Balvi Company, based in Barcelona Spain, has been designing brilliant little gifts for all seasons since 1963. Yes, that 1963. That was the year before the world discovered Beatlemania and the Fab Four were forever lost to us, of course. But sharing the love was what the Beatles were all about; after all, “love is all you need,” right? And Balvi feels the same way. Their designers love making gifts. According to their mission statement,

“Making a gift is a magical act that makes us feel good, whether we are the ones giving or the ones receiving it. If we get a smile, it’s even better. Share the love.”

We think that’s great advice, of course, and that’s why we carry at least 108 Balvi items, from Googly Eye Contact Lens Cases to Pizza Scissors. We can tell that the designers must love what they do because they always seem to add a little something that makes the gift special, whether it be a humourous quirk as with their bookmarks that have feet that protrude from a closed book or their alien-looking Mini Light Big Eye. They also create understated and elegant items like their photo frames or colourful items like their pretty little Butterfly Glass Markers.

We guess you could call their design strategy “whimsical practicality” because they care enough to add just the right bit of oddity to something we see every day, like a wall clock, except that a Balvi wall clock looks like a can of sardines and features a fish-skeleton hour hand.

They even have a Yellow Sub shower radio to deliver our Beatles fix while we lather up.

And so we’re going to continue proudly carrying Balvi creations here at The Gift Oasis. You can search our entire Balvi inventory by visiting our site and simply typing “Balvi” into the search box or by clicking on the Balvi link on our front page.

Remember, all you need is love – and The Gift Oasis of course!


Showing 1-75 of 75 records.

Showing 1-75 of 75 records.

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