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We’re up to something

Published by Lisa Benfield

*Suspiciously looks around*

Can you keep a secret?

Come in close and we will share a few details of the mysterious June project we have been working on so intensely. We cannot share much because that will of course ruin the surprise, but in June we have been planning and arranging an engaging project that we think you will enjoy.

Of course this is just guess work, you could hate this mysterious project, you could scream in horror when you set eyes upon the release. But, for the vast majority of you, you will adore this project – this project which contained laughter, and toys. A project that got us away from our desks and into the luxurious setting of the canteen. We may not be able to share many words about this project, but we can share pictures with you. 90% of you will take one glance at these images and accurately decipher what the puzzling project actually is. 

Check out the images below to see what we have been doing in regards to this project, bet you can’t guess what the project actually is.


Behold the newest, tiniest members to come into the TGO family, Rueben (left) and Otis (right). Just like the other TGO members, Rueben and Otis have been given the official TGO uniform (not that you can see the logo in the image). The boys must have been on cloud 9 when they put the t-shirts on, as plenty of the TGO team were ‘awwww’ing’ at them. Apparently tiny versions of the things you see day to day are adorable? We would have also put the camera on a tripod, but unfortunately it had not yet arrived. So a make shift stand had to be made, from peculiar objects located around the room. 


Feast your eyes upon Otis’ amazing creation, magic plastic requires a certain hand to use it successfully, luckily Otis had the magic plastic power and magnificently made this creation! It took both boys a while to master the magic plastic, but they got there in the end. It is amazing seeing how much kids persevere, even when things don’t work out at the start. 


The image may be blurry, but you can still clearly see the happiness on Otis’ face as he works out how to use the wooden folding game. We didn’t quite capture the moment Rueben worked out how to use the toy (it was a few seconds after this shot) but we can assure you he did! All in all, we think the boys had fun participating in this project, but the question still in the air is – what is the project? Can you work it out? Or will you just have to wait until next week? 

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