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Have a Lil-pizza my heart

Published by Lisa Benfield

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Now please go away,

I want to eat my pizza, so shoo!

Pizza is the food of the gods, its succulent taste, its beautiful texture and delicious smell make everyone weak at the knees, close your eyes and you can smell that mouth-watering goodness. The mixture of tomato purée, cheese and pepperoni are intense in all the right ways, the way they mix together in your mouth and create an explosion of taste, the warm mixture making its way down your throat and into your stomach, instantly warming it up from the inside out! *Drools* No wonder we can’t resist!

The glorious creation that is pizza is a gift from the gods and we are lucky to have it here today.  Hence why we have so many days dedicated to this marvelous creation, not all are official but, you can bet your bottom dollar we will be devouring a pizza on those days and even on the days that are not pizza days – just encase.

This Friday, the 19th May, is one of those marvelous days because that day is National Pizza Party day! Mysteriously, the origins of the beautiful creation are unknown, but really, as long as we get pizza there isn’t really an issue. Want to know the greatest aspect about this day? You can eat as much pizza as you want and feel guilt free whilst you are eating because it is on an internet calendar somewhere, so you are obliged to eat one…or two….or three.

We will be celebrating in the only way we know how, lounging on a pizza cushion, with a succulent pizza resting on our stomach, and a bottle of coke on the pizza coasters on the table, just out of our reach. It would be in our reach, but we will have eaten so much pizza that it feels like it is miles away.

Regardless of if you like deep pan pizza, with BBQ sauce, cheese and pepperoni or a thin crust with tomato purée, cheese, and pineapple – just make sure you have a delicious day! Invite friends, do it solo or eat with pets, whichever you choose just make sure you fill up on pizza.

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