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Fathers day gift ideas 2017 (Part 1)

Published by Lisa Benfield

Dads - when you have one in your life they can be a pain in the a*se, but under all that stubbornness and ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’ attitude, is someone who loves you more than words can say. So whether it’s your dad, your step-dad or the father figure who’s been in your life for as long as you can remember, treat them to something special.

2017 seems to be running away without us, it is already June yet it seems like yesterday that we were devouring our weight in Turkey and Yorkshire puddings… actually that was my dinner yesterday. Ignore that! Anyway, June is here and that means one thing, Father’s day is approaching fast! Mother’s day was a complete success, but now the challenge to make father’s day equally as special… or to make it look as special as mother’s day, is currently above our heads.

What do you do? What do you buy? Are you too old to give him a handmade card…again? All kinds of questions racing through your mind, but fear not as we have you covered. We have give into the gift guide ways of the internet and thought we would create our very own Father’s day guide, containing different gifts you could get as well as a few ideas. We even gained a few ideas about what to get our own dads.

So without further ado this is the first five father’s day products out of ten, the rest (more expensive gifts) will be coming soon, once we find enough puns to describe them.


May the fork be with you

Stainless steel travel tool: £3.99

Do not judge us for the puns, it is a blog post about Father’s day, of course it contains horrendous dad jokes. To start off our list is this handy 8 in 1 multi-tool. Every outdoor dad will adore this, and for £3.99 you cannot go wrong! It even comes with a little pouch (which no doubt your dad will lose).


I used to be addicted to soap… I’m clean now

Soap: £4.79 - £12.99

If your dad is not the outdoorsy type don't be bacon your dad's heart and take a look at some other gift ideas. For example, if he prefers to work hard and clean hard, then the wide range of soap we have might be a better gift (we have a lot of soap, we think purchasing have a problem). We have everything from fish soap on a rope to unicorn soap on a rope, we even have soap without a rope! If your dad prefers to be a ‘manly man’, then we have bacon soap and soap in a box, because apparently bacon is manly? Any of these soaps will make your dad feel soaperior.


Pursuit of hoppiness

I wish this was a beer mug: £7.49

Even though a nice hot coffee wakes your dad up in the morning, how many of them wish they could change it for a nice cold can with the lads. Granted, it is not one of your five a day and we would not recommend it if you wanted to live a healthy lifestyle. Let your dad show his inner frustration that he cannot have a beer at 8am in the morning with this comical beer mug.


Good for what ales ya’

Workman bottle opener: £7.49

There does seem to be a theme going on beer….I mean here, but I just cannot put my finger on it. Anyway, onto the next glorious product! Again these items are for the dads that claim they are an expert at DIY, you know those dads. The dads that claim the shelf was meant to be on a slant or the dads that say the house is on a tilt that is why everything falls off your desk. He might not be the best builder but he can still have the necessary props to feel like he is. There are five bottle openers to get from, Pliers, Hammer, Pincers, Spanner or a wrench.

I am your father

Duck fadar bath duck: £10.99

Dun Dun Dun Dunn Dunnnnnn Dun Dun Dun Dunnnnnn Dun


Well that was my attempt at the Star wars intro, please be gentle with your criticism, I am not musically talented at all. Anyway, bow down before the leader of the dark side of the pond, the duck who is quackers about power – Duck Fadar! Duck Fader looks like a bad mother clucker, but any Star Wars fan will adore him just as much as Han-Solo loves Chewquacker. So if your dad is fond of Star Wars, then this will be a great buddy to keep him company.  

That was the first part of our Father’s day gift guide, we do personally believe that any dad, step dad or father figure would love these products! But if your dad is more of an experience guy rather than a product guy, maybe consider booking a table in a nice restaurant or, if you are old enough, taking him down the local for a pint. Even if you can't afford a big fancy dinner out or a quirky gift, just rememeber to spend some special time with the father figure in you life, the most expenisve thing you can give them, is your time. Whichever you decide to do, whether it’s buy from us or not, just remember Father’s day is on the 18th June!

Ps. I have not met a dad who does not love Star Wars, so if you have one that does not, he is a rare breed.

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