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Fathers day gift ideas 2017 (Part 2)

Published by Lisa Benfield

*Runs around, arms flaring everywhere*

The countdown already began and now it is more intense than ever, 6 days, we only have 6 days before the main event, before father’s day is here. If you are like me, you are frantically running around, trying to find something your picky dad would like. Socks? Beer? A T-shirt with a really bad pun on? Nah that has all been done before, last Christmas in fact.

So, to avoid the awkward ‘Here’s a card dad’, we rummaged through our stock to create the second part of our Father’s day gift Guide. A massive sigh of relief escaped our lips when we finally found something for our dads, so we hope you find something perfect for your dad too.


Are you a target? … Because I miss you

Original storm trooper glass - £13.49

This is the gift you are looking for.

We know we had Duck Vader on the previous list, but Star Wars is really hard to stay away from in terms of gift ideas. This elegant Stormtrooper glass will have your father turning to the dark side in no time at all. Still not convinced? Well, we will show you the power of the glass side! The glass is based on the original moulds created by prop maker Andrew Ainsworth in 1976. Plus the packaging and detail on the glass will make your dad think you spent way more than £13 something on this piece of Star Wars history.


Shout out to your number one fan

USB metal desk fan - £13.99

Dads - their body temperature seems to change at least 10 times in one day. But even when they are warm they refuse to open a window or door because apparently, he ‘doesn’t pay to heat the garden’. So save yourself the stress, and cheer your dad up at the same time with this portable USB metal desk fan. He can stay cool and you won’t freeze in your own home, bonus.


These are wheelie terrible puns

Bike pump - £23.99

Everyone knows that bicycles cannot stand on their own, they are two tired, but there is even less of a chance of them standing on their own if their wheels are not properly inflated. If your dad always has a bike between his legs, then this Kikkerland Pocket bike pump is the high end pump you have been looking for. Portable and functional, trust us when we say your dad will wheelie want this. 


I can see 3 years into the future…I have 2020 vision

Smartphone Magnifier - £20.79

If you have one of those modern dads who loves technology, then you should be proud that you do not have to explain Twitbook or instachat to them. You should also use that love to your advantage by buying something relating to their smartphone. This smartphone magnifier, is the answer to those wrist cramp prayers. With this retro smartphone magnifier, your dad can play a video on a 8” screen, and he will feel at home with his old school ‘TV screen’.  


Had a bad day? – Console yourself

Games - £9.99 - £27.79

Rewind the clock before smartphones took off and you will discover a whole new world of assorted games and gadgets. Remind your dad of the good ol’ days with four in a row, the balancing chair game and even the Tin can alley game. But nothing could beat the compendium of classic games, a gift that may bring a manly tear to your father’s eye as he looks at the toys of his childhood – Marbles, pick-up sticks, playing cards, dominoes and even a yo-yo. You might even remember playing these games with your dad when you were younger, so why not create new memories with your dad this father’s dad through these games.

So that was The Gift Oasis’ two part Father’s day gift guide, we hope you find a gift for your dad. If you choose a gift from our guide that is great, if you choose a gift from our site that is even better, but if you just spend time with your dad, step-dad or father figure this Sunday the 18th June to make them feel appreciated, well that would be priceless to them.



Get him a gift he won't forget...or one he won't shove under his bed


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