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Zap It Mosquito Relief

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This won’t cure you of malaria, but it will, definitely deal with the irritating sensations that are produced when you are bitten by a mosquito. The Zap-It Mosquito Bite Relief is a smallish contraption, no taller than 1½” and a little smaller in the width. At the bottom there are two small bumps and at the top there is a button. Hold the Zap-It like a syringe with the bumps at the bottom touching the bite and then you push the button. You can do this repeatedly depending on how much works for you. The Zap-It delivers an electric shock which you can feel on the bite straight away. It stops the itching and the bite from swelling and getting worse. The bite heals quickly and leaves no marks behind. So if you are living in an area where there are mosquito swarms and have the experience of getting bitten by mosquitoes, then arm yourself with this handy little device called Zap-It. It’s really effective! And it requires no batteries, contains no toxic chemicals and will last you up to 1000 bites. A miracle remedy if ever there was one!





    • Zap-It Mosquito Bite Relief


    • Delivers small electric shock to the bite


    • Controls itching


    • Stops the bite from swelling


    • Leaves no marks


    • Contains no toxic chemicals


    • Good for 1000 bites


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Zap It Mosquito Relief

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