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Sh*t Happens Card Game

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‘To you to me to pretty much everyone’

Life is all about trying new and exciting things if you don’t – what’s the point really? What better place to come to, to try something new than The Gift Oasis and our glorious collection of randomly awesome items. One of these outrageously awesome products is the ‘Sh*t happens game’, that should be everyone’s motto. Now we could explain the ins and outs of this game (which we will later if you stick around to read) or you could snap this bonkers game up, grab some friends and booze and have a great night!

So if you want to know more information, read the following, or if you’re a risk taker just buy the game and hope for the best!

The game:
In the box you will find 200 sh*tty situation card, each card has a sh*tty event that has happened or could happen (you following?) Some situations are minor, some are more drastic and you’ll be able to tell how bad they are depending on their misery ranking. The misery ranking runs from 1 to 100, which should be explained in an image above.

Well if you’re still here, well congratulations because this is the part where we tell you how to play. First, one of you shuffles the deck, no one cares who, and you deal three cards to each player. Next, you place your cards face up on the table in front of you, rank them in numerical order of the misery index. Okay, since you all have your cards, the person who dealt goes first – from then on the player to their right goes and so on and so forth.

What the dealer does is reads the sh*tty situation aloud but doesn’t reveal the misery index number. Don’t worry you don’t have to guess the exact index number, you just need to guess where it belongs in regards to your three cards. If you get it wrong the turn moves onto the person on your right, if they get it right they get the card. The aim of the game is to get 10 sh*tty situation cards.


  • Makes a great game to play before a night out 
  • Bound to provoke laughter due to really weird situations 
  • Makes a great gift for anyone with a sense of humor 
  • A fantastic new game that brings a bit of variety to game night
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Sh*t Happens Card Game

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