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Koala in a Tin - 110gm

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Our exclusive Tinned Koala Meat smells like barbecued rump and tastes like authentic Australian cuisine (Barbie not included) for an experience we guarantee you'll never forget! Coming neatly packaged for your convenience in an easy-open long life can, simply pop the lid and breathe in our freshly prepared Koala meat, so fresh it will make your eyes sting!


Want to find out which of your friends are truly worthy of attending more of your special candle lit suppers? Just pop this delicacy on your menu and sort out the weak from the elite! There is nothing more sophisticated than an expertly prepared Koala meat main course, with its delightfully pungent odour and smoked flavour it will take your guests on a journey of discovery with every mouthful. Nutritious, low in fat and full of vitamins just one tin of our delicious Koala meat also serves as 200% of your Daily Aussieness intake, making it a perfect snack for Australians travelling abroad that wish to keep up their daily intake as to avoid any nasty side effects.


OK, so it's not real Koala meat or even an extract of, but it is a fantastic and hilarious gag gift that will have your friends and family entertained, rolling around with laughter and possibly a little weirded out. Leave out on a shelf, face out in a cupboard or just pop in your shopping trolley the next time you're down the supermarket and prepare for eyebrow raising fun. Not recommended for use on first dates, in a school cafeteria, at a PETA gathering or round the mother-in-laws on a Sunday. Well, you could try, but it will be completely at your own risk, but do tell us how you get on!


Ideal to give as a spooftastic gift our Tinned Koala Meat is sure to raise some smiles and some laughs amongst friends and family. Packaged in its own easy to open tin for quick access and shock value, it can also easily be squeezed back inside for hours upon hours of shameless gags. Please note it is not a food item and should not be consumed, even under the influence of alcohol. Seriously, you'd regret it more than that spicy kebab you had the other week.





    • Tinned Koala Meat


    • Nutritious and low fat


    • 110gm packed in its own easy to open tin


    • Hilarious joke gift


    • The koala in the tin is an inedible plush toy




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Koala in a Tin - 110gm

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