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Hangover Cup

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The sun shines through some tattered, half closed curtains into the eyes of a sloppy lump on the couch, slowly the eyes flutter open and immediately squint as they are greeted with the rays of the sun. The night before comes rushing back to you, well parts of it, one thing that is clear though you drank way too much and now your head is paying the cost. You can bearly lift your head 1 cm from the couch and you won't be traveling to the kitchen anytime soon, but the dehydration, it's too much to handle.

The hangover cup may not have a cape (we think it should), but it is 100% a superhero to all the people suffering from a hangover. No longer will you need to move your delicate head from the comfort of your couch, because the hangover cup is leak proof so, just like a toddler, you can rehydrate from any angle. This is what the advancement of technology has created, a cup that allows you to stay lying down when you are weary from too many shots, a cup that holds1-litre of fluid whilst still allowing you to drink with ease, a cup with two big handles for an easy grip, a cup that no student should live without! So what are you waiting for... probably waiting for your hangover to pass, but when that passes then make your next hangover easy with the hangover cup.


  • When you're feeling fragile, there is only one way forward - THE HANGOVER CUP 
  • Hangover essential, every adult needs one
  • Joke gift, who wouldn't laugh... well actually, make sure to gift to someone with a sense of humor
  • Leak-proof (Silicone valve) - yep we're that technologically advanced
  • You want to know how huge this mug is - 1-litre capacity! That's how big
  • BPA free, dishwasher safe, heat proof up to 120 celsius, this cup has it all
  • Hot or cold drinks
  • Sippy cup for adults
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Hangover Cup

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