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They’re not a household name (yet), but their designs are seen just about everywhere and if you’ve shopped The Gift Oasis, it’s likely that you’ve seen their gifts and novelties listed among the items we proudly carry. In fact we have been fairly amazed at the variety of products they offer, and the fact that their products are all produced here in the UK gets us a little misty-eyed and feeling like belting out a few bars of God Save the Queen.

Based in London, NPW designs and develops impulse gift items for every age, from youngster to geezer, and takes particular pride in their innovative and eye-catching packaging designs. These designers want a happy Britain and seem to be committed to making sure that no matter what the age, someone, somewhere, is enjoying one of their products.

The designers at NPW are a young lot (with some cool headshots on the website) and we know they have their fingers upon the pulse of a young Britain. Even the young-at-heart will have a hard time not finding something they want or need. And if NPW hasn’t thought up an item yet, they are also happy to accept suggestions for products, so if you’ve been toying (pun intended) with an idea for a gadget or novelty, stop by their website and chat them up.

If you hate being ordinary, NPW has something for you, and we’re happy to include them as contributors to the growing list of vendors who help make Gift Oasis what it is. So here’s to you, young designers of NPW! We raise our beers in your general direction and pray that your inspirations never run dry.


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Showing 1-156 of 156 records.

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