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When life throws s*it at you…make soap

Published by Lisa Benfield

There once was a unicorn pope,

His poop was multi-coloured and was a symbol of hope,

It was said to be magical,

And even though we are rational

We decided to use it as soap.

Here at The Gift Oasis we love finding out about weird and obscure national days (ya know so we have a reason to eat pizza), the one we came across today was national limerick day. A bit of knowledge for you, National Limerick Day celebrates the birthday of Edward Lear, he wrote wonderful works of art in poetry, prose, and limericks (of course). He was the person who made limerick poems popular as he published his book – ‘book of nonsense’ in 1846 – so year 5 poetry sessions are his fault… good to know.

We thought we would try our inexperienced limerick hand at writing one, after several failed attempts and lots of jelly beans to motivate us, we decided to settle for the above limerick about unicorn poop, because who doesn’t like unicorn poop. We thought we did a splendid job and rewarded ourselves with some hay, then we glanced through #LimerickDay on Twitter, and that is when we realized that other beings have the ability to write spectacular Limericks as well.  

We hugged our little unicorn for a while, trying to compose ourselves – of course, others would write Limericks, but none would be as wacky as unicorn poop… well, that’s what we tell ourselves.

So, we may not have written a masterpiece, but at least we joined in on this day and tried something new, so now it’s your turn. But first, what do you think to our Limerick, Yay or Neigh? 

#LimerickDay #NationalLimerickDay

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