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We Ducked, Dodged, Dived And Squealed

Published by Jake Smith

We ducked, dodged, dived and squealed at yesterday’s team building session.

Yesterday we took a trip down to HaloMill in Huddersfield, to partake in a little team building activity all while shooting the sh*t of each other while playing Airsoft. We know what you’re all thinking,

“How the hell is that team building?!”

And yes, that’s what we all initially thought.  

We started with great trepidation of how much this was going to hurt, which soon subsided as Charlie decided to shoot his own team member, Jake in his already injured kneecap before the game had begun, which only confirmed we were in for an afternoon of pure, unsolicited pain as he dropped to the floor.  

But that wasn’t the case when we got our teeth stuck in! Once we’d managed to get to grips with how things worked and what pain to expect when getting shot, we all turned into (slightly more wimpy) SAS operatives.

After a few games of the classic Team Deathmatch, we moved to more tactical games such as capture the flag and sabotage (or as Josh likes to call it, “get the bomb and blow each other up”). The last game we played is where we all came together as a team as neither side wanted to lose in the last game of Sabotage. With the bomb to-and-froing from each team attempting to detonate in the enemy spawn it ended with a 1-1 draw meaning both teams technically won?


With that said, we’re all feeling a little sorry for ourselves as we’re all covered head to toe in pellet-shaped bruises. Not to mention, some of the team still nursing a hangover from a late bight trip we all took to the Pub.

If anyone is considering giving Airsofting a go, we highly recommend it! And if you’re in and around Huddersfield, why not drop by HaloMill for a little session to relieve a little anger on your friends and family? We’d also like to give the staff, a huge shout out as they really made the day for us! 

Here's a selection of photos from the day. 

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