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Space... the canine frontier

Published by Jake Smith

Trekkies. You know them. They’re at every Comic Con everywhere. Trekkie conventions were the forerunners of Comic Cons, in fact, going way way back to the 1970s which may as well be the Dark Ages for all anyone who is familiar with the more recent Star Trek franchises knows. 

Yet Trekkies are a special sort: all true Trekkies are devoted fans of the original Star Trek. As well as all of its iterations, and the films (fourteen in all, counting the latest, Star Trek Beyond, just released this week). We are obsessed collectors (oops did we just out ourselves?) of all things Trek, from pairs of plastic pointy ears (terribly gauche but we wore them once) to emblems and even full costumes. In fact, Old School Trekkies were making their own Star Fleet uniforms well before the term “cosplay” was invented.

There is even a $35 million dollar (US) Star Trek Mansion in Florida, dubbed the “ultimate nerd lair” by the Huffington Post.

So it’s true that a Trekkie can have everything related to Star Trek, but what about the dogs? We’re willing to bet the ultimate nerd doesn’t have these great Star Trek accessories for a canine friend, and truly, anyone who considers themselves to be a Trekkie should not hesitate to complete their ensemble by outfitting the family pet. 

If you know or love a Trekkie who is also owns a dog, you need to point them to our website right away so humans’ best friend can also own the latest in canine Trekkie garb.

And that dog will make a dashing figure too, starting with the Star Trek the Original Series Scotty Uniform Dog Shirt that makes even a Yorkie look like Scotty! (See what we did there?) The red Chief Engineer’s uniform is complete with gold insignia and braid so the neighborhood dogs know who is in command. And when you go out in the world, your Jack can wear his matching Scotty red Star Trek Uniform Dog Collar while he walks you on his Star Trek Uniform Dog Leash.

Get Fido on the howlodeck with the rest of the crew, or purchase one or all three items as gift your favourite dog-owning Trekkie; we bowwow to your wishes. The Gift Oasis has all hailing frequencies open. Make it so.

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