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May the fourth be with you

Published by Lisa Benfield

A long time ago, in a warehouse far, far away….


It is a period of fandom. Star-wars

enthusiasts, throwing facts from behind packing

tables have won their first victory

against the evil Star-Wars haters.


During the battle, Star-Wars haters managed

to mention all the blunders the Star Wars franchise had done.

Outfit mishaps, the Stormtroopers head banging, the

rule of two, these facts could have been enough

to destroy the heart of any Star Wars fan.


But, persuaded by her love of the Star Wars franchise

Princess packer raced into the office

looking for the man, the man

that could speak for the believers and restore

the reputation of the great Star-Wars name. 


Hope you liked that re-imagined version of the 1977 Star-Wars opening crawl. It took longer to write than we would care to admit so, be as gentle as we imagine Chewbacca’s hair is. *Imagines the fluffy goodness*

Here at The Gift Oasis, we have some people that love the Star-Wars franchise, others not so much – as you can tell from the crawl. But today those people are wrong because today is a day we can proudly show our extremely geeky side, no need to restrict the amount of sci-fi related jokes you do because today is Star Wars day!

Right, onto the main event! It has been 38 years since the world embraced ‘May the fourth be with you’, only two years after the first Star-Wars film was released. Personally, we are surprised that pun lovers did not come up with that sooner, especially considering that it is another reason to rejoice in the glory that is Star Wars. So we bet you are wondering, ‘How do I possibly celebrate this glorious day, that should be a bank holiday?’ great question reader, here have a cookie - *hands over cookie, with an evil grin*. We thought we would be generous and give you some ideas about how to celebrate, whilst not so subtly promoting products.

New line, new hope for a better paragraph

The title deceives you, this paragraph is no better than the others *Evil robotic laugh* - Anyhow, why not celebrate by completely immersing yourself into the Star-Wars world, by becoming a part of that world. We know, ‘how?’ you ask the answer is simple, become your favourite character! That white bedsheet, wrap that around yourself, get some buns in your hair (the hair kind, not the edible ones) hey-presto- you are Princess Leia! Coincidentally, green face paint and an off-white bedsheet make a good impression of Yoda. You could go all out and properly make your favourite character, or buy outfits from your local fancy dress shop. *Whispers* we sell face masks Ya’know.

The ladies strike back

Star Wars inspired games are also a good way to celebrate this magnificent day, card games to be specific, and we just happen to have the right cards for you. These beautiful Star Wars cards each have a different lady from Star Wars upon them, too irresistible to refuse, to be honest. If you are of legal drinking age, why not use these cards for a Star Wars inspired drinking game!

Return of the films

The most obvious way to celebrate May the fourth is by watching all of the Star Wars films, well you can miss that ‘special’ one out if you cannot tolerate watching it again. Why not watch with your family and friends, or if you want to enjoy them without any interruptions – watch them, Solo.

The craft menace

If you have kids, or even if you are just a bit childish at heart, then why not try creating Star-Wars inspired art? Make your own Darth Vader mask, paint the Death Star, or even design your own version of R2-D2. It might even keep the kids quiet for a while.

Attack of the ducks

If the above suggestions do not tickle your fancy, then why not take a gander at our duck collection – we are sure you will be quackers about it. We have Chewquacker, can you guess who he was inspired by? This little guy could have kept you company today, watching you as you enjoyed your Star-Wars themed day. But if Chewquacker is not for you, then why not turn to the duck side.

Dun Dun Dun Dunn Dunnnnnn Dun Dun Dun Dunnnnnn Dun

Duck Fader is one bad mother clucker who will show you the ways of the force, but if you cannot handle that much power, then we think the Pond Trooper may be for you. He may not be able to aim his quacks in the right direction, but at least he is adorable.

Revenge of the fifth

We hope you enjoyed our list of possible ways to enjoy May the fourth, whatever you decide to do, whether it’s on the list or not, just make sure you do it before revenge of the fifth rears its evil head! Just before you leave to do better things, let us just say one last thing:


Death Star + R2-D2 = BB8


Think about it


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