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Donating To Charity Can Be So Libbie-Rating

Published by Jake Smith

It seems that a day doesn’t go by where a loved one, friend or somebody in the public eye is diagnosed with the heartbreak that is cancer. And we only know too well, due to the recent passing of a beloved member of the TGO team, Cathy, earlier this year.

With that said, we realised how precious life is and to seize every opportunity you have to create memories with friends and family and to further yourself as a person. However, we also ascertained how relentless cancer can be with Jack’s younger sister, Libbie, unfortunately, being diagnosed with Leukaemia a matter of weeks ago.

Fortunately, Libbie is on the road to recovery after a month of treatment at the hospital and returned home at the weekend. *PUTS MIDDLE FINGER UP TO CANCER*





With understanding of the anguish, Jack, Libbie and the rest of the family were in during their time of need, the team here decided to donate the money that had been made from our Sweet Box (a box with all kinds of goodies that fuel the team through the day) which we were using for a team building activity, to Libbie’s fundraising page.

Libbie’s dream is to travel across the pond to Disney World and we want to help her get there! With a sizable donation of £1,000 from Steve, our Managing Director, she’s well on her way there, but we still require a little help!

So if you want to help make a young girl’s dream come true and bring a feeling of warmth and happiness that we all experienced when donating our Sweet Box fund then please follow the link below.



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