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Bake off? … How about cake off?

Published by Lisa Benfield

Food, glorious, food.

Food has been around since the dawn of time, who knows really, our ancestors could’ve lived off rocks if the supply of wooly mammoths was low… but then again rocks would be classed as food, so is everything food? Well, instead of settling for rocks The Gift Oasis team decided to step away from floppy sandwiches and smelly crabs (that’s a story for another day) and moved towards good old fashioned home cooking.

That’s right instead of bringing in individual lunches like school children, we decided to do some adulating and each employee cooked something to bring in to share. The moment you stepped through The Gift Oasis’ doors, our colleagues pounced to find out what you had brought, they wanted a quick glimpse of the masterpiece, but they were not allowed to taste the sweet nectar of everyone’s creation until lunchtime.

Seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into hours, and hours seemed like days as we all sat and worked, subconsciously checking the time to see if we could dive into the canteen to devour the goods. 12:30 came and everyone made their way to the canteen to gaze upon the magnificent bounty that was brought in. From juicy beer can chicken, delicious cupcakes that looked like Yorkshire Puddings, to begin with, to a glorious Oreo cake (drools) – we had it all! You should have seen the smiles on our hard working crew’s faces, it’s amazing what a few cupcakes can do.

Unfortunately, it did not all run smoothly, there was … an incident. Let’s just say, someone’s Jerk chicken was a bit too hot to handle and it went up to chicken heaven. A moment of silence please for our Chicken-less bellies…

But fear not! There was a light at the end of the tunnel, and it was not coming from the burning chicken, it was from the beer can chicken our glorious I.O.U champion brought in, accompanied by homemade delicious cookies, cakes, Pierogi, fairy cakes, and cupcakes from other TGO members. With bellies filled, happy employees and empty plates, it was a success. Well almost…

Unfortunately, one ‘little’ boy sat in a corner all disappointed that no one wanted to taste the chocolatey delight that was his cake. Luckily, our team came together and made the executive decision to eat it the next day!

So here’s to Josh the cake off organiser, who indirectly made us do work and filled our tummies with food. Hopefully, he’ll organise another one again, for team building purposes of course…

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